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Hi, during several years, I’ve been trying different ways to show my production and present myself. I have decided to go back to the old good blog style. Three categories are presented:

1. I rescued my old posts from a now defunct site in Blogger: lapazrocks, where I documented most of the rock production in La Paz during the early 2000s. I still love music, no doubt. You can find me in Discogs 😉

2. The new posts starting on 2018 review the books, mostly novels, I have been reading. I am also an amateur writer. I have published a children’s story: Arturo es un Marciano (Ed. La Hoguera, 2013), already in its 5th Edition.

3. I used to write on newspapers on politics, economics, decentralization and some other ‘serious’ stuff. All that previous writing (2005-2017) is available for downloading in the section “Press Articles”.

Which leads to my ‘other self’ : I am a public policy expert. Here you have a link to my publications and research in that area: ResearchGate.

Thanks for your visit.

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