I hate reading translations from modern English , or French or of course, Spanish. So when I bought Hanna Arendt’s Du mensonge à la violence and then I realized it was a translation from English and not from German I could only blame myself.

I read The origins of totalitarianism years ago, which is one of the greatest pieces of non-fiction work I have ever read, in a subject I love (as much as I repudiate facism). Until now, I lived with the wrong belief that it was written originally in German but I realize that book was too first published in English.

Why I am back to this subject? I needed some theoritical backup on the latest developments in Bolivia, where violence showed up again after illicit elections. I am planning to write on that issue in a fictional matter, now that the corrections on my other novel (for teenagers, coming out in a couple of months) are over.

Anyway, only one of the essays of this book , “On violence”, touches what I was looking for. And it is wonderful of course. Arendt is again an eye opener. No matter the language.