I have restarted working so I logically find myself with less time to read and blog. The best time to read is now the minutes I spend in the subway. Bedtime has passed to a far less productive second place. Work also means my brain demanding less difficult or complex reading.

Short entertaining novels are the answer. I started with Delphine de Vigan’s “No et moi”. This is a story about an odd friendship. The weirdo 13 years old genius and the 19 years old bum, two girls that go through a brief friendship, with the expected problems, the 16 year old guy on who the little nerd has a crush and some depressing adults whose presence in the story asserts their absence.

Then came Foenkinos, “En cas de bonheur”, a comedy on marital life, rupture and reconciliation. The band of idiots is played by some Russian detectives on extramarital affairs and depressing grand parents. In fact, I started to feel a general sense of depression in the French bourgeoisie after this reading. It doesn’t help that I am, or was, a Houellebecq’s fan. The unsurprising plot includes a poorly developed daughter, the less successful character in the story.

Finally, de Vigan’s “Jours sans faim”, a touching story about a girl going out from anorexia, apparently autobiographical. Needless to say, parents are not only depressing, they are monsters (‘but they have their own issues, haven’t they?”, seems to tell us the writer).

Well. I am going back to some serious and demanding books after these French divertimentos. Soon more news. By the way, my laptop is dead and I am now writing on an iPad. It is… complicated. For the time being, I am just grateful to be a not French (or Parisian?) parent.